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We offer 39 weekly Vinyasa classes that provide a vigorous workout at all levels of practice while emphasizing proper alignment and safety in a friendly and quiet atmosphere. We are rooted in the Astanga tradition of yoga which is the 8 limb path of practice which incorporates life style, movement, breath, meditation, self study and service.

Vinyasa yoga is a flowing style of practice that combines movement and breath to create a focused, dynamic practice. This style is fantastic for improving strength, endurance and flexibility. Our teachers offer personal hands on attention. They explain and demonstrate each posture thoroughly to allow students to grasp the subtle nature of the poses and how they affect the body, mind and breath. We encourage students to progress at their own pace and request movements and breath work that will enhance their routines and increase success in the practice.

The teachers at the Bay Area Yoga Center are all nationally registered at the 200 or 500 hour level with the Yoga Alliance. We emphasize continued education and participation to all of our teachers. The best teacher is a great student! The Bay Area Yoga Center offers daily early morning, mid morning, lunch, late afternoon and evening group yoga classes at a variety of levels ranging from gentle to advanced. We also offer Private in-studio and on-site lessons with Kathleen, Pre-natal classes, Children’s yoga, Gentle yoga practice, Workshops, Visiting Teachers Series and special events classes. We offer a four week Introductory program to introduce students to the practice of vinyasa yoga in a gradual easy to learn progression.

Our studio has two separate open and peaceful classrooms, with high ceilings and warm cork flooring. Our studio offers first floor, handicap access for our senior students and for those who cannot manage steps. We look forward to welcoming you to the studio!

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Earth Day at Bay Area Yoga Center!

Freedom and responsibility go hand in hand, and aparigraha, the release of acquisitiveness, sharpens our ability to see the effects of our choices individually and collectively. In this interdependent world we need to make choices that best server the infinite web of interconnections rather than our individual preferences. — Michael Stone     Community Day Yoga! […]

Yoga Fun on Earth Day!

Enjoy your Easter weekend and Passover Season. We will be closed on Easter Sunday, April 16. Community Day Yoga! Saturday, April 22 @ 7:30 am – 2 pm Join us for a day of yoga for the entire family! Drop in any class or stay for the day! All proceeds for this event will be […]

Ecstatic Dance & Michael Stone Yoga

No one is ever turned away due to the ability to pay. Practice yoga with us by donation! Ecstatic Dance Tuesday, March 28 @ 7 pm – 9 pm Ecstatic dance is a drug and alcohol free experience! There is no talking on the dance floor. This is a judgement free safe space to find […]

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Our Studio

Speaking Engagements

Does your group need a speaker for it’s regular meeting, or are do you have an upcoming event that you need a speaker for? Kathleen Kelly is an experienced public speaker and can engage your audience with a variety of topics. Her passion for healthful living will inspire your guests. Subject matter includes:Back and spine health and alignment; Hips; Breathing Practice – Pranayama; Yoga Meditation; Yoga Philosophy or Kathleen will tailor-make a topic specific to your group.

Yoga Teacher Training

An exciting journey of self discovery and transformation. Our comprehensive programs cross the boundaries between various schools of yoga. You’ll develop a well-formed and mature practice that focuses on the physical aspects of yoga and the psychological and spiritual benefits as well. Whether you intend to simply deepen your understanding of this ancient and diverse practice, currently teach yoga or you aspire to teach and share with others, this training will prepare you for your journey.

Classes, Events & Workshops

Yoga is not about levels or rating your practice, but about joining with your own effort and being. Our classes do vary in pace, intensity and heat so variations in all of our classes are demonstrated for beginners and experienced students. You are encouraged to listen to your body and adjust to your needs on any given day. On some days you may feel the need to take it slower and rest more during your practice. On others you may feel the desire to work to your edge with more intensity.

Meet Our Teachers


“I started yoga with Kathleen almost 10 years ago and have been addicted to her from the very start! She challenges me to recognize my strengths so that when I’m ready, she can help me take my practice to the next level.

When a certain part of my body is calling for some extra attention, for example, a muscle I may have pulled over the weekend or, my thyroid needing to be exercised, Kathleen will modify my practice so I can get the most out of each session.

With her ability to correct and tweek my alignment in the various poses, I find myself gliding out of her studio feeling longer, taller and completely restored.”

— Christina Toonen

“I haven’t been to the chiropractor since I started doing yoga… and yoga is much more fun!”

— Barbara Koller

“3 years ago I came to the Bay Area Yoga Center with chronic sciatica, very tight muscles in my neck and shoulders resulting from a cervical fusion, and a new diagnosis of lumbar stenosis with referred pain to my back, shins and ankles. Today my sciatic pain is gone, and my neck, shoulders and hips continue to get more and more flexible as I continue my yoga practice. I am not pain-free yet, but I am so much better than I ever expected to be, thanks to the excellent teaching of Kathleen and her fine staff.All the teachers at Bay Area Yoga have modified poses and taught me the correct posture of other poses that allow my continuous progress. To my surprise, my blood pressure is also lower. I am a very grateful student! Yoga, for me, is a way to achieve physical and emotional health…and a long life.”

— Nancy Kaufman

“On November 7, 2004, I walked very stiffly into the center on the suggestion of a local immune system specialist. At 50 years of age I had a chronic digestive/ immune system illness that caused symptoms that had perplexed the doctors for over 2 years. The toxin overload in my body was caused, in part by food allergies, and in part, by the drugs I had been prescribed for symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, allergies, excess acid, digestive pains and elimination complaints that I will not describe in detail! 6 different daily drugs! The results were that I could not bend over, stretch up, raise my arms above my shoulders or even grab hold of my bed sheets at night! I had severe facial and body rashes and no energy for life. Kathleen Kelly Hoffman suggested I joined gentle yoga. I attended three classes a week and my pains began to disappear. Slowly my joints began to move again. Within three months I was attending yoga every day. Kathleen gave me advice about my diet and the dual approach resulted in me becoming healthier, stronger and more flexible than I have ever been in my life. Now I’m attending level three classes. I can even attempt the wheel pose! I am convinced that without Yoga I would still be feeling very ill, taking my 6 drugs a day. Now I take no drugs, I am full of energy and practicing Yoga everyday. Thank you, Kathleen.”

— Lynda Bentley

“Bay Area Yoga is the first studio I visited after my initial college experience and they are fantastic at everything they do. The physical yoga practice helps me stretch and strengthen my body while the spiritual side motivates me. With their help I was able to complete my very first marathon. The experience I take away from yoga is worth every cent of the monthly package and now that I have the monthly package I am there almost daily. Thanks Kathleen!”

— Patrick Rauland

“I started yoga about 5 years ago, 63 years old, stiff, weak, overweight, and not expecting any big changes. I came once a week for a while, missing weeks here and there. I enjoyed the stretching and appreciated the acceptance of my limitations… always an alternate way to do the things I couldn’t…or didn’t think I could…do. Then I started to come twice a week. A big difference! I started to notice small improvements: I could get out of my car easier! I could bend over and tie my shoes standing up! I could reach the cereal box on the top shelf! This was amazing! I thought I was too old to expect much. But the changes in my everyday life are real. I can climb 3 flights of stairs in the subway and walk comfortably for the first time. I have more energy, flexibility, better balance, improved range of motion, and best of all, a sense of wellbeing that I’ve never had before. I’ve lost over 50 lbs. in the last 4 years, with yoga as my only exercise. I enjoy the class and the women I’ve met there. Thank you, Kathleen, for making these years the strongest and most empowering ever.”

— Judy Periolat