Anatomy for Yoga / Yoga Basics / Kirtan Jam!

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poseAnatomy & Yoga Asana

Understanding How Your Muscles Work with Stacey Munoz ryt500, BS, CNMT, LMT

May 14-15, 2016

This workshop is appropriate for all yoga teachers and serious yoga students who wish to deepen their understanding of yoga and how it works with the physical body. RYT Training & Continuing Education Credits given. Learn how your body functions as you move. This class will help you in your own yoga practice and enhance your skills as a yoga teacher, body worker or therapist. Stacey’s  style of teaching helps it all make sense by combining theory and movement.
15 hours of CEU’s offered.Attendees will attain:

  • Understanding of muscular anatomy and function.
  • The ability to apply advanced kinesiology to yoga postures. What moves and how.
  • Identify muscular dysfunction as it pertains to restricting yoga postures.
  • Poor alignment issues.
  • Identify contraindications/indications for student adjustment.
  • Where and how to adjust.

Saturday, May 14 ~ 1-7pm  $80 pre-registration  $90 walk in
Sunday, May 15 ~ 8am-noon & 1-6pm  each session $65 pre-registration  $75 walk in
Full Weekend $180 pre-registration  $200 walk-in

Anatomy and Asana:

Advanced Myofascial Kinesiology for Yoga

Saturday May 21st, 2016: 9 hours
Full Day: $150    Pre-registration  $130

Saturday: 9 – 6 pm                  
Morning session 9-1: 4 hours    $85 walk in       $75 pre-registration
Afternoon session 2-6: 4 hours  $85  walk in      $75  pre-registration 

Attendees will:

  • Receive an anatomical understanding of what muscles, ligaments and other
    structures make up the myofascial meridians.
  • A functional view of the myofascial meridians in action and resistance.
  • Be able to apply advanced myofascial kinesiology to yoga asana
  • Identify nerve pathways as they pertain to restricting yoga asana

Recommended Text Reference:
Myers, Thomas W. Anatomy Trains: Myofascial Meridians for Manual & Movement Therapists. 34rd ed. Churchhill Livingstone; 2014.

Stacey J Munoz, RYT500, BS, CNMT, LMT
Stacey has been teaching movement for over 25 years, Yoga for 15 years and anatomy for the last 11 years. Her understanding of functional anatomy comes from studying dance, massage, kinesiology and asana. The unique mix of disciplines makes for a wonderful ability to teach and explain complex muscular function in an easy to digest way. Stacey looks forward to assisting you to a deeper understanding of your muscular.

Friday Night Special Events

May 6th 7:00pm

Kirtan with Thunderhawk Kirtan & Denis Hawk

DennisHawkKirtan is a Sanskrit term that means “praise.” It is a heart opening practice of chanting the names of the divine and other healing mantras, typically given in Sanskrit. Sanskrit is a vibratory language, meaning the meaning and power of the words are carried within the vibration of the sound of the word itself. Although knowing the meanings and stories behind the mantras will greatly enhance the experience of kirtan, anyone can enjoy the experience of chant.

Requested donation of $10
All are welcome to attend any of these sessions. Hope to see you all very soon.

Yoga 101 The Basics

Wed. May 4-25, 5:30pm
Sat. May 7-28, 9:45am 

Kat extended angleThis class is specially designed to introduce the vinyasa flow practice of sun salutations which are designed to open and strengthen every major muscle group in the body. We will introduce the foundational standing poses as well as basic hip openers and back bends and weaves them into the flow of sun salutations. Class will focus on breath technique, healthy alignment for the joints and concentration and focus of the mind. Students will learn basic anatomy of the body and breath. This class is uniquely designed to work with students of all ages, body types and varied degrees of flexibility.

4 week session $20.

April/May Teacher Rotation

Saturday 8 am

  • April 30  Jen Schanen
  • May 7  Regan Kust
  • May 14 Karen
  • May 21 Linda Schmitt
  • May 28 Heather Lee

Saturday 9:45 am Basics

  • May Class  Karen Simcik
  • June Class  Cathy Baumann
  • July Class  Amy Ritter
  • August Class  Heather Lee

Sunday 9 am                                  

  • May 1   Jen Jelenic
  • May 8   Heather Lee
  • May 15  Kathleen Kelly
  • May 22  Karen Simcik
  • May 29  Carol Bolton