Rock Your Chakras at Bay Yoga!

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A Journey Through the Chakras
Week one: Muladara Chakra

From the base of your spine to the top of you head, there are seven major chakras. The word chakra come from the sanskrit work for wheel or disk. Within the body lie seven vital energy centers or chakras. These chakras correspond to major nerve ganglia glands of the endocrine system and various bodily processes such as breathing, digestion and reproduction. The practice of yoga helps keep these centers of energy clear and flowing for optimal health. Come and join us on this journey down the central channel of the body. Over the next seven weeks will be be exploring the different chakras and how they effect our bodies. See you all soon!

Kathleen Kelly and Karen Simcik with be exploring the root chakra (muladara) in their classes throughout this week. (May 14- 20)

A Journey Through the Chakras with Kundalini Yoga
Tuesdays 5:30 pm with Karen Simcik Eryt500

We will be exploring and experiencing each chakra with meditation, practice and mantra; learning what the chakras are and how they affect our lives. This week’s class starts with muladhara, the root chakra.

Kundalini yoga is a dynamic, creative and energizing form of yoga. It is especially suited to the needs of busy people who want to stay calm, bright, and centered in a high-energy world. This deep and profound practice is a sacred science, known as the Yoga of Awareness, which focuses on physical exercises, breathing, meditation, mantra and relaxation. Perfect for anyone looking to get a deeper understanding of his or her mind, body and spirit, and, therefore, lead a more happy, prosperous and fuller life.

This class is perfect for beginners and advanced students alike.

Guest Teacher: Mardi Halvorsen
Friday, May 19 from 5:30 – 6:45 pm

Mardi is back for a visit, yay! Enjoy a calming and restorative flowing yoga class with her this Friday night. Unwind your body and settle your mind for the weekend ahead. This class is designed to melt the stress and tension out of your body, and hit the reset button of your mind to help you enjoy your weekend. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Regular class fee $10. WALK-INS WELCOME!


Yoga, Kids & Canvas!
Thursday, May 18 or Saturday, May 20 @ 11-12:00pm

Share your love of yoga with your family! Through partner poses and fun yoga games, this class will give you the tools to cultivate mindfulness, focus and tranquility that you and your child can use in everyday life. Children and adults together will interact in this class designed for fun and exploration. We will start the class with yoga movements, breath and relaxation. Class will end with a fun art project that the kids will be taking home with them. All are welcome to attend. No experience is necessary. $5 per person fee. Adult must accompany all children. Please sign up ahead of coming so we can plan accordingly for the art project.

Your teacher, Shawn Wallenfang is a yoga RYT, a local artist, child care provider and awesome grandma!

Call today to reserve your spot!


Transform Your Life and Others!
Bay Area Yoga Center Advanced Studies
Yoga Teacher Training Sept. 2017 – June 2018

Set out on an exciting journey of self discovery and transformation with Kathleen Kelly. Our 200 hour yoga teacher training programs start September 8, 2017. These comprehensive programs cross the boundaries between various schools of yoga which will help you develop a well formed and mature practice that focuses not just on the physical aspects of yoga but the psychological and spiritual benefits as well. Whether you intend to simply deepen your understanding of this ancient and diverse practice, currently teach yoga or you aspire to teach and share with others, this training will prepare you for your journey. With an emphasis on Vinyasa Flow based in the rich traditional sequences from Krishnamacharya, Kathleen will provide the participants the knowledge, practice and experience necessary to become a creative, dynamic and inspirational yoga teacher. Contact Kathleen at 920-265-2217



Yoga 101 The Basics
Wednesdays: May 3-24 @ 5:30 pm
Saturdays: May 6-27 @ 9:45 am

Drop-ins welcome to any class!

This class is specially designed to introduce the vinyasa flow practice of sun salutations which are designed to open and strengthen every major muscle group in the body. We will introduce the foundational standing poses as well as basic hip openers and back bends and weaves them into the flow of sun salutations. Class will focus on breath technique, healthy alignment for the joints and concentration and focus of the mind. Students will learn basic anatomy of the body and breath. This class is uniquely designed to work with students of all ages, body types and varied degrees of flexibility.

4 week session $20.


Yoga At Webster Park
Wednesday’s: June – August @ 6-7 pm

The time has come once again to start playing outside, and that included some yoga fun! Join Kathleen at Webster Park in Allouez for a fun night of yoga and relaxation. It is a fabulous way to unwind from your day. The park is located behind Webster Grade School on Webster Ave. across the street from the Bay Area Yoga Center. In the case of rain we will hold class at the yoga center. Parking available in the lot by the park, on the street, or at the Bay Area Yoga Center. It is less then a one block walk. Bring your own mat and any props you like to use. The event is FREE to all! We will have a donation bucket for the Bay Area Humane Society. A no kill shelter. Hope to see you all very soon!



May & June Weekend Rotation

Wednesday 5:30 pm Basics 
May Class — Kathleen Kelly
June Class — Yoga in the Park

Saturday 8 am
May 20 — Jen Jelenic
May 27 — Carol Bolton
June 3 — Kathleen Kelly
June 10 — Karen Simcik

Saturday 9:45 am Basics
May Class — Heather Lee

Sundays 9 am
May 21 — Karen Simcik
June 4 — Kathleen Kelly
June 11 — Carol Bolton