January Yoga Special

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30 Days for $30

Start The New Year With a
Commitment To Your Yoga Practice
30 Days for $30 Yoga Challenge
January 1-31 – All classes
During the month of January we will be offered a 30 Day Yoga Challenge to all new and current students. During this first month of the year we encourage you all to jump start your yoga practice by attending classes daily. We will be offering weekly prizes and an end of the month Grand Prize of THREE FREE MONTHS to the student who attends all 30 days or closest to that goal. Sign up at the Bay Area Yoga Center or on the first day that you attend class in January. We look forward to seeing you all at the Challenge.
Special fees for this event are:  
$30 for new students.
$65 for current students ($30 off).
$30 for current students who get a friend to sign up for the challenge.
FREE month for students new or old who get two friends to sign up for the January Challenge.