Carol Bolton

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Carol Bolton has been practicing yoga since the mid-1990s. Since January of 1999 she has been a student of Kathleen Kelly-Hoffman, director of the Bay Area Yoga Center. Her training is in the Ashtanga system and form of yoga, utilizing the vinyasa style. Additionally, she has deepened her understanding of the practice by attending numerous workshops with Michael Stone from Toronto, as well as with Dr. Mari Elaine Cobo (Ranjani) from Encinitas, California, and others. She has completed her RYT 500 training with Kathleen and has been teaching at the center since 2009. Even though she has completed her training, she continually seeks to learn more by attending workshops, studying on her own, and most important by teaching others.

Her practice of yoga has had a transformative and healing effect on her life both emotionally and physically. For many years people had asked her if she taught yoga after learning about her dedication to her practice and she always answered, “No, I’m only a student, there’s so much more I need to learn before I could ever teach.” Then she realized that she will always be a student, just as her teachers are still students, and that she already has years of knowledge and experience that she can share with those interested in learning yoga. For her, yoga is a life-long and dynamic practice, continuously growing and changing. One can never finish learning, which is one of the reasons she embraces it. It will always be an evolving, intrinsic part of her life.

Besides yoga, Carol’s other passion is interior design. Her career began over 20 years ago and encompasses both residential and commercial interior design for existing structures as well as new construction. She believes that there is a strong connection between the spaces that we inhabit and the way that we feel. Form and function, as well as harmony and balance pertain not only to the places we occupy, but also to our bodies and our minds. This suggests that there is a link not only between yoga and design, indeed there is a link between yoga and all other aspects of our lives.