Theresa Stinski

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Theresa Stinski has been giving yoga a try for the last 10 years. She started taking classes when she lived out of state, then moved back to the area and found a cozy yoga studio in the valley. She was inspired by her teachers and their love of yoga, and there her dream started to take root.

One day, Theresa came home from a stressful day at work. Frustrated, she decided to shout, yes shout, to the universe everything she wanted, and being a yoga teacher was on the list. She checked her e-mail that night and had received an e-mail from Kathleen Kelly-Hoffman about the 250 hour teacher training starting soon, and her journey began. She hopes to continue with the 500 hour teach training sometime in the near future.

Theresa has completed her 250 hour teach training at Bay Area Yoga Center, taken several workshops with Michael Stone from the Centre of Gravity, and a few flying yoga workshops (which she loves). She enjoys learning and sharing what she has learned with others. Theresa is not the typical body type for a yoga teacher, which she hopes will inspire others. She loves her body and what it can do, and has yet to do. She wants to share yoga with all the people who have big “buts” in life… “but, I’m not flexible enough,” or “but, I don’t have a yoga body.” Let go of the excuses and give a life with yoga a try.