Strong & Empowered

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“I started yoga about five years ago, 63 years old, stiff, weak, overweight, and not expecting any big changes. I came once a week for a while, missing weeks here and there. I enjoyed the stretching and appreciated the acceptance of my limitations… always an alternate way to do the things I couldn’t…or didn’t think I could…do. Then I started to come twice a week. A big difference! I started to notice small improvements: I could get out of my car easier! I could bend over and tie my shoes standing up! I could reach the cereal box on the top shelf! This was amazing! I thought I was too old to expect much. But the changes in my everyday life are real. I can climb 3 flights of stairs in the subway and walk comfortably for the first time. I have more energy, flexibility, better balance, improved range of motion, and best of all, a sense of wellbeing that I’ve never had before. I’ve lost over 50 lbs. in the last 4 years, with yoga as my only exercise. I enjoy the class and the women I’ve met there. Thank you, Kathleen, for making these years the strongest and most empowering ever.”

— Judy Periolat