Private Lessons

Enjoy a practice of yoga in a more intimate atmosphere. Private classes provide a setting in which your individuality can be completely addressed. Postures and movements are selectively chosen and developed to meet your specific needs. Practicing these exercises at your own pace and within your own range is one of the most effective ways to learn about your body and how it benefits from different movements, breathing exercises, relaxation and/or meditation techniques.

Attentively guided by verbal instruction, imagery, demonstration, and hands-on direction, you will explore your private class in a way that is most sensible and beneficial to your body. Strength, endurance, flexibility and a more full range of motion are developed incrementally and gradually, not by force. Through this approach, you will experience how the subtle power of yoga works with all aspects of your being – body, mind and spirit. Rediscover youthfulness and enjoy your natural strength, suppleness, energy and health through a class developed specifically for you.